A KILLING TOUCH by Nikki Duncan

A KILLING TOUCH by Nikki Duncan
A Killing Touch
by Nikki Duncan

Series: Sensory Ops #4
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

He’s everything she craves. She’s everything he dreads. Journalist Lana Quinn has a way with hard-hitting news. The story she’s uncovered has potential, but she needs the help of her best friend’s FBI team. She’s been rescued by them, worked with them, and partied with them, but convincing the second in command to believe her theory—that a killer’s touch sets off a lethal allergic reaction—is a frustrating challenge. Especially since he excites her, body and mind. He’s a danger she shouldn’t indulge. Aidan Burgess is resistant to helping Lana, but not for the reason she thinks. She has a knack for landing herself in trouble, which means she needs protection. Protecting her means staying near her, a journalist, who like all journalists uses whatever—and whomever—it takes to get her story. It’s a case he wants to refuse. Especially since she lights a fire in his blood. She’s a danger he can’t afford. As Lana follows up on lead after deadly lead, learning to trust and rely on each other becomes their only lifesaving hope. If their pride doesn’t become their final pitfall. Warning: This title contains a grudge-holding hero who gives “kiss my ass” new meaning, a heroine out to prove herself, and a danger that dares them to trust.

Journalist Lana Quinn believes she’s found her next big story but she knows she is going to need some help if she plans to ferret out the killer.  Lana reaches out to her friends who know how to use the gifts God gave them. Unfortunately, the person she has to convince is the one person who can’t seem to stand being around her.

Aidan Burgess can’t stand to watch Lana place herself in trouble again.  It seems all this woman knows how to do is find trouble.  Knowing that she is planning on pursuing another story with murder at the center doesn’t set well with Aidan.  However, he knows that once Lana sets her mind to something there is no stopping her.  Will he be able to protect her from herself and keep his feelings for her in check? The last thing in the world he wants is to fall for a freaking journalist.

A Killing Touch is another great Sensory Ops story from author Nikki Duncan.  I found the plot at the center of this romance to be very intriguing.  The mystery of it all was great.  The chemistry between Lana and Aidan is very fiery.  Aidan has a bad attitude when it comes to Lana because of a past experience with journalists.  It irked me a little because it took him so long to come around to Lana.  The sexual attraction between them is fabulous from the beginning but it took a little while for Aidan’s heart to become involved. It is awesome to get some page time with previous characters from the series.  They provided plenty of laughs in the middle of the suspenseful action.  A Killing Touch is full of danger, passion and nail-biting suspense

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