A LITTLE HARMLESS FASCINATION by Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Fascination by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless #7
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Interracial, Suspense
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published

Conner Dillon is working himself into an early grave. After a recent health scare his sister Maura puts him on a plane to Hawaii for a little R&R. It doesn’t sound like a terrible plan even though Conner does prefer to be in control of his own life. There is nothing he won’t do for his baby sister. However, Conner never counted on the distraction that his landlady would cause.

Best-Selling erotic novelist Jillian Sawyer makes her home on the shores of Hawaii and she is happy to help a friend in need. Jillian is excited to play tour guide for Conner and make sure he is relaxing as per her best friend Maura’s intructions. She may write all things erotic but she has yet to turn her body over to a man in a submissive way. That requires trust and Jillian doesn’t have a lot of that to hand out. But if there was a chance of it happening, Conner would be her guy.

The connection between Conner and Jillian refuses to be ignored. What starts as a casual fling soon becomes more than either of them know how to handle. Are either of them willing to change the life they have now to make room for the other? Will they get the chance? It looks unlikely as it seems there is a target on Jillian’s back. Find out if love conquers all in A Little Harmless Fascination.

Woohoo, things get hot in Hawaii as Conner and Jillian make waves in A Little Harmless Fascination! Conner has a hard time leaving work behind a lot of time due to his need to control things, but what better way for him to relax than with Jillian, a natural submissive. Jillian may be okay with his domineering ways in the bedroom but once out of the bedroom he better watch out. I really like these two! They both have difficult pasts that have brought them to their current place. I feel like Conner and Jillian equal each out if that makes sense; they are a perfect match. Ms. Schroeder brings back a lot of our favorite Harmless characters for bit parts in A Little Harmless Fascination. It is always great to get to see where your favorite characters are at currently! Conner and Jillian bring the heat to the story but there is also a danger quotient as well. I always love a little bit of danger with my romance and A Little Harmless Fascination brings it in spades! Melissa Schroeder’s Harmless series only gets stronger as each new story hits the shelves. Can I book my plane to Hawaii now?


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