A LITTLE HARMLESS LIE by Melissa Schroeder

A LITTLE HARMLESS LIE by Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Lie by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless #4
Genres: Contemporary
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Growing up as the daughter of a powerful businessman pampered Marjorie Rizzoli wanted for nothing.  Everything changed however the night she secretly witnessed her father and older brother torturing and then murdering their bookkeeper.  Running to the police Marjorie is put in witness protection until the trial date.  Again her life goes to hell when the safe house is attacked.  In a hail of blood and bullets the teenager manages to flee and disappear into the night.


Ten years on the run, changing her name and her identity as she roams the country finds Dee Summers in Hawaii working at Rough ‘n Ready a BDSM club.  It’s past time to move on after spending a couple years in the same place, but something holds Dee there. Her boss Micah Ross.  Though he hasn’t made a move on Dee the air crackles whenever they share a room.  Dee doesn’t believe the BDSM scene is for her, yet Micah believes otherwise.


When Dee suddenly disappears it’s up to Micah to use his old skills as a bounty hunter to track her down.  Learning of her past makes Micah want her even more. If only he can find her and help her confront the past without getting them both killed in the process.


This sexy little romance is bursting with suspense and high drama.  Dee and Micah discover A Little Harmless Lie leads to danger and possible death.  The past and present converge in their love story where the truth could be deadly and secrets keep people alive.  A couple of timely twists in the plotline give added spice to the tale too.  A Little Harmless Lie moves at a lightning pace.  Dee and Micah barely have time to explore their feelings before everything explodes into action.  Very intense and entertaining.

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