A LITTLE HARMLESS RUMOR by Melissa Schroeder

A LITTLE HARMLESS RUMOR by Melissa SchroederA Little Harmless Rumor by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless #11
Genres: Contemporary, Menage, Suspense
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


Sean Kaheaku, Jamie Alexander, and Randy Young all have a past together as lovers, spies, and in partnerships—not all together at first, but as couples with Sean.  Then they were torn apart by betrayals and their dangerous profession, and Sean ended up on his own, and Jamie and Randy became a couple.  However, they knew that they were not complete without Sean, and he just dropped out of everything. When Jamie and Randy learned what the rumors were about what happened to Sean, they were determined to go and get him and to hopefully become the trio their hearts have always told them was perfect for them.


Sean has been working in Hawaii on a private job after receiving a serious shock and gift on his last mission for his old boss.  This private job is risky enough, but when Jamie and Randy show up and try to get Sean to become a part of them again, he isn’t sure for two reasons.  One, he isn’t sure his heart can handle another kick from Jamie and Randy, and, two, things in his personal life have changed a bit, and neither Jamie nor Randy know what they are walking into.


It takes little to no time for the chemistry to flame up among the three of them, but they have always been compatible that way.  The real test is if they can all find a way to acknowledge the things in their past that tore them apart the first time and find a way to overcome them.  Things might be rolling along, but first Sean has to find a way to let Jamie and Randy know exactly what has happened in his life since they last saw him and what he is really doing in Hawaii.  Once again, danger is breathing down on Sean, Jamie, and Randy, while they find a way to become a true loving partnership.  The question is if this time the three of them have what it takes to not only stay safe and together or if they are once and for all doomed by a mastermind that has been after them for years.


Three former lovers just might have a chance to a bright and loving future together, but first they must use all their spy and life knowledge to stop a madman in A Little Harmless Rumor.  After seeing how Sean and Jamie and Sean and Randy became couples, I was shocked to see that Sean was now alone, and Jamie and Randy were struggling to bring them all together as a threesome their hearts all needed.  I was a bit surprised by Sean’s reactions until I learned just what had happened to him and what had brought him home to Hawaii.  Even when it looked bleak for them, I knew that with these three stubborn people, it was going to take all but a nuclear bomb to tear them apart this time.  Watching as they overcame each new hurdle and forge an even stronger bond told me that nothing was going to stop their love this time—not even a madman.  Boy, was I correct and I loved just how they proved it in the end.  A Little Harmless Rumor finally brings two love stories to one great and loving ending for them all, and it’s full of suspense, humor and, of course, great passion—the perfect ending for this threesome.

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