A LUMINOUS TOUCH by Susan LaineA Luminous Touch by Susan Laine
Series: Senses and Sensations #3
Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Reviewed by Lisa

An EMT for the District of Columbia Fire & EMS Department, playboy Jack Waters lives for his job and sexual prowling.  At the moment he’s ‘off’ with his ‘on and off’ bed buddy Det. Kevin Thompson who happens to be partnered with Det. Jordan Waters, Jack’s big brother.

On his way home from work Jack smells smoke and hears someone calling for help.  He calls it in but doesn’t wait for backup before running into the building.  Next thing he knows Jack’s waking up in the hospital with first and second degree burns along an entire side of his body from face to torso.  He was rescued by fireman Luke Kennard who begins flirting with Jack the moment they’re introduced in the hospital.  

Starting something with Luke as he recuperates should feel right, yet Jack can’t get Kevin out of his head which is very frustrating.  Jack is also told that there are other fires similar to the one that injured him cropping up all over town.  Hurting either man is the last thing Jack wants to do, but he owes it to them and him to decide once and for all. And he wants to help catch the fire bug, sooner than later. 

Enjoy watching sexy, feisty Jack realize what was right in front of him all along.  In A Luminous Touch, the third book in the Senses and Sensations series, the main characters danced around a relationship without making an attempt at seriously communicating.  Luke becomes the catalyst who forces Jack and Kevin to finally examine what’s been going wrong between them.  Easily read as a standalone story A Luminous Touch features engaging characters and a couple of wicked twists in the plotline to enhance the overall story.  This series rocks.

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