A Prince Among Men
by Cat Johnson

Series: Red,
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Men in Uniform
Source: Publisher


On tour in the middle of nowhere Afghanistan, Sergeant Ryan Pettit has started a blog to give him something to do in his downtime and although he might not be able to get on it every day, it’s still something he looks forward to.  Ryan also looks forward to the exchanges he has with one of his readers—a woman he only knows is named Vicki.  Their exchanges have gotten a bit suggestive with the undertones, which is a nice thing to look forward to after the nastiness of war that Ryan faces every day.


Vicki Vanover is a reporter, and she has finally received the go-ahead to do a very special report: The struggles of the women in Afghanistan to come out of the shadows and not be treated as objects by the men there or be harmed because they want what other women in the world have.  Now, she has to find a way to actually reach the women, because she certainly has no access to them at the U.S. base.  One afternoon, Vicki notices a soldier who might be her way to get off the base and go deeper into the countryside.  She just has to figure out a way to get his agreement.


Ryan and the rest of his unit are amazed when Vicki is brought to their post out of the blue—a very untypical move by their leader that is compounded when Ryan learns exactly how it happened, and that he is assigned to help Vicki move on fast.  Ryan is always ready to follow orders, however, these particular orders are going to be very hard to fulfill when Ryan’s instincts are telling him to keep Vicki close.  Vicki has accomplished part of her mission, but she isn’t any closer to meeting the Afghani women she needs to meet for her story.  However, she is getting a very up close and personal look at the hardships and dangers of the soldiers stationed all over Afghanistan.  When what should have been just an inconvenience turns into a mission of life, death, and maybe even an international incident, Vicki struggles with the reality of what she and Ryan are developing.  Ryan is about to engage in the hardest battle of his life—to show Vicki that love will always win the war.


Two people meet totally unexpectedly and discover that love and fate will always concur no matter the circumstances.  Ryan and Vicki have a very unusual journey in A Prince Among Men.  I loved how Ryan and Vicki actually came together on different fronts at the same time without knowing it a first.  I just knew that Vicki’s determination would get her into an odd situation, but I didn’t expect just what that situation would be. However, it was wonderful.  Ryan was the ultimate soldier following his orders, even when his lust was involved. He just gave them a twist this time when his orders involved Vicki.  I ended up chuckling a few times at the situations Ryan and Vicki ended up in, and I teared-up when Ryan proved to Vicki that she had won his heart.  I also loved the play off the title on Ryan and Vicki’s book with a secondary character and the trouble that happens when Allies try to get away with white lies.  A Prince Among Men has the best of all emotions: suspense, danger, humor and, of course, red-hot passion.

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