A Prince for a Kingdom
by Meg Harding

Published by MLR Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
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Adrian is the youngest of the princes of Merish.  There are three elder brothers more physically powerful and skilled with weapons, but when all is said and done they love each other as equals.  Though Adrian may not be battle worthy he does have other talents they deem worthy.  Their kingdom is a peaceful one with a major trade route cutting through their borders.


While the King and Queen are away visiting a neighboring ruler the palace of Merish is attacked and overthrown by soldiers from the kingdom of Kitar.  Their general leaves the other princes behind as leverage and forces Adrian to return to Kitar as a slave for the prince who planned the Merish takeover.


The virginal prince is now the property of Prince Magnus, the middle and despised son of Kitar’s king.  Adrian witnesses the disgusting depravity and debauchery of the King and his sycophant royals.  All but Prince Magnus, toady to the sadistic, vicious king.


Prince Magnus has secretly devised a strategy to free himself and his soldiers from Kitar.  And Adrian is the key.  Under normal circumstances slaves are broken by their new masters within the palace.  The prince however needs Adrian to fulfill his goals.  To that end Magnus begins to seduce Adrian.  His feelings will not be involved or so Magnus thought.


Author Meg Harding doesn’t pull any punches, doesn’t hold back from realistic savagery here.  A Prince for a Kingdom is difficult and yet addicting at the same time.  Prepare yourself for an edgy intensity unlike most other fantasy romances.  What sets A Prince for a Kingdom apart is the skillful way the story twists. Adrian’s dark days are barely survivable.  His relationship with Magnus evolves into something entirely different, something both characters can accept and live with.  Witness the bad and the good in the riveting A Prince for a Kingdom.

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