A SECRET TO DIE FOR by Sierra Dean

A SECRET TO DIE FOR by Sierra Dean
A Secret to Die For
by Sierra Dean

Series: Secret McQueen #8
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

No one is safe.Secret McQueen, Book 8Secret McQueen thought she’d seen it all, but that was before she, Desmond and Holden came home to find New York City burning and the streets overwhelmed with the walking dead. Now, in a race against time, she must find out who is responsible for unleashing hell on Earth.For that, she’s going to need a whole new team of vampire wardens to help round up the perpetrators, who turn out to be a gang that makes Sons of Anarchy look like toddlers on tricycles.Her quest across the city brings old friends and enemies out of the woodwork and reminds Secret once and for all why mercy and forgiveness are not always prudent. Lives will be lost, sacrifices will be made, and when the dust settles, nothing will ever be the same again.With no time to mourn her losses, the only question remaining is if Secret can survive long enough to stop the apocalypse...or if this is the one challenge that will finally drown her in rivers of undead blood.Warning: The final book in the Secret McQueen series has it all: hot kisses, unexpected guests, and enough tear-jerking moments to require a whole box of tissues. You’ve been warned.

Secret McQueen has had a horrible last few months and when you consider her past history, that is to say it’s been downright nasty.  All Secret wanted to do was come back to New York and deal with the millions of conflicts awaiting her—

like how her real secret was now common knowledge, like the tribunal and vampire mess, dealing with her damaged father and her new engagement to Desmond, the werewolf of her dreams, to mention just a few.


However, just as Secret, Desmond, Holden, and her visiting sister reach the outskirts of New York, they all know that hell has arrived and is waiting on them.  Now on top of everything else, Secret and her friends are going to have to find out who or what has made the dead walk and how to destroy them.  Secret might be a lot of things, but first of all she is a true New Yorker, and she is determined to save her city and those in it at any costs.  What none of those helping Secret ever imagined was just how high those costs would be.  By the time this horror is over, the loss will be high and not everyone will come out like they went in—if they come out at all.


A vampire assassin turned tribunal leader and her loved ones face death at every turn while searching for the many answers in A Secret to Die for.  I have waited for Secret to finally have a happy ever after since I opened up the first book in this series.  It has been a long, hard and bloody journey and, along the way, I have felt horror at some of the things Secret ended up doing or have happened to her and smiled at her unusual romantic interests.  I watched as once again Secret put her happiness and her life on the line to save those she loved and those she considered her own.  I knew that not everyone could make it out alive through the book, but those that didn’t make it surprised me.  However, I was not surprised when Secret was ready to give her life to save New York and those in it. What did surprise me was the final outcome and just what Secret’s future turned out to be.  Yes, Secret finally achieved her happy ever after and I will say that I was very happy it was with Desmond, but the rest you will just have to find out for yourself.  A Secret to Die for is a finale worthy of a heroine named Secret and shows just how deep her goodness really went beneath her kickass first and maybe ask questions later exterior.


I will miss Secret but I know that all I really need to do is go back and re-read the entire series once again to see all the characters I have grown to love and hate with so much pleasure.

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