A SPY TO DIE FOR by Kris DeLake

A SPY TO DIE FOR by Kris DeLake
A Spy To Die For
by Kris DeLake

Series: Assassin's Guild
Published by Sourcebooks Genres: Steampunk
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Skye Jones, aka Skylight, is a trained and highly gifted assassin who works for the Assassins Guild.  While taking some down time after completing an assignment, Skye travels to the Krell space station to get her hamburger fix.  All Skye wanted was her treat of greasy greatness but what she ended up with was meeting a tall handsome stranger and beginning an investigation that will change her life forever – whether it will be a good change or a bad one is still open.

Jack Hunter is an assassin who worked for another assassin group until just recently.  Now Jack is freelance and he really doesn’t have much good to say about the highly touted Assassins Guild.  However the night he stops for what he thinks is the best hamburger and soda in the galaxy, Jack meets a woman who might just change his mind about Guild assassins.

The attraction between Jack and Skye was fast and furious which lead to what was meant to be a night of passion.  However, when both Skye and Jack get leads on something big going down that seems to have assassins going against assassins they team up to find the answers and to watch each other’s back.  Things are getting deadly fast and, at first, it seems that Skye and Jack only find more questions instead of the answers they are seeking.  It’s not only the danger that is heating up, so is the passion between Jack and Skye.  When all the cards fall and lives are both saved and lost, the final outcome facing Skye and Jack seems like it might tear them apart rather than bring them together.  But when you are talking about people who live by their wits and skills, never bet against the home team and love.

Two deadly assassins, who should have never met, find red hot passion and deadly danger that all begins with a hamburger place in a shaky space station.  I saw that the sparks were flying fast and furious when Skye and Jack met the first time. I could also tell that acting on that attraction was not the norm for either of them.  I loved how both Jack and Skye fought together to bring down a rebel ring and save a life and to keep the love that they unexpectedly found.  I love great suspense and double love it when romance surrounds that suspense and I found all of that and more here.  A Spy to Die For is a fast paced and suspense filled romance between two people who know how to kick butt and take names.    

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