A STITCH ON TIME by Yolanda Sfetsos

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A STITCH ON TIME by Yolanda SfetsosA Stitch on Time by Yolanda Sfetsos
Series: Sierra Fox #5
Published by Samhain Publishing on October 14th 2014
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher
Reviewed by Jo

All it takes is a little death and mayhem to make a spook catcher’s day.Sierra Fox, Book 5Sierra Fox has finally inherited her grandmother’s power to destroy demons, but what good is it when her werewolf boyfriend still lies in a coma? Worse, the decision she’s about to make could save him—but ruin their relationship.If that’s not enough bad stuff on her plate, she’s got a soul to save—the soul of her closest friend, killed by the Lamia that got away.Another untasty side dish: The Obscurus refuse to give up their relentless pursuit, and they’ve upped the ante. Mace is dead set on blowing up the Spook Catcher Council Tower, and the blowback will have devastating effects on Sydney and for Sierra. At least these demon-obsessed freaks aren’t counting on Sierra having a Goddess and a trusty demonic conduit as backup.All of this leads to a one-way ride into the abandoned part of town, where the Obscurus plan to summon Legion. With her demon hunter friend by her side, Sierra prepares for the final battle...because even she knows this will be The End. Warning: Phantasms, wraiths, orbs, demons, all guaranteed to ruin any spook catcher’s day. But you can always count on werewolves, land spirits, and a Goddess. Beware of explosions, demonic obsessions, and the battle that will tip the scales and change Sydney forever.

Sierra Fox is a spook catcher extraordinaire, and she just recently came into her powers gifted to her by her grandmother—destroying demons. But it came at a huge cost with her boyfriend in a coma, which is slowly killing him, and her best friend is on the outs with her. With all this craziness, Sierra has been on the defense, but she is pissed now and about to go on the offense.  She has one advantage in that neither the Lamia, The Obscurus, or anyone else but those around her knows she has obtained her full powers yet.


First up is releasing Jason from his coma and praying that he comes out as he went in, and that he will forgive her methods. Next up is the Spook Catcher Council Tower, but before that can happen, Sierra faces yet another death that hits her hard and only makes her more determined triumph over it all. With the help of Jason, her friends, some friendly demons, and the Goddess, Sierra goes after one thing at a time or as each thing confronts her.  Sierra knows now that no matter how her battle ends, it will be The End when it’s over.  Can Sierra and Jason finally have the time to discover where their passion can lead them, or will the end be their end?


Sydney has no idea of the deadly battle going on, but those tuned into the underworld have chosen sides: Sierra, a determined spook catcher or The Obscurus and those who are helping them try to end the world as we know it in A Stitch on Time. I was rooting for Sierra from the first page and her plan to yank Jason from his coma. I was even more behind her as Sierra lost one more person close to her, and she went on the offensive big time. As I saw each of the loose threads be knotted together, I finally understood how everything tied-in together, and I was even more firmly behind Sierra and those helping her.  While I discovered more loss would be necessary, I was so happy that Sierra and Jason and their love triumphed when all was said and done. There were so many threads and answers by the time I turned the last page, I plan on re-reading the entire series and really understanding each plot line and arc.  While I know that Sierra’s story is over now, I find myself hoping that we may see her again in novellas or somehow just to check in. A Stitch on Time is action packed and full of danger and suspense, yet it still has the time for passion and humor.  An excellent finale for a great suspense filled series.

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