A Virgin for His Prize
by Lucy Monroe

Series: Ruthless Russians
Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

Romi Grayson dated Maxwell Black for a year, but when he made her a proposal without a ring to go with it, she called it off.  Now she hears he was offered a deal involving a ring with her “sister”.  Not being the stand-in-the-corner type, Romi confronts the tycoon.


Maxwell Black wants Romi back, but it can’t be completely on her terms.  He finds a way to blackmail her into giving him what he wants.  Romi, seeing deeper into Max and his motivations, gives in, but did she truly see what was there or was she viewing what she wanted to see?


A Virgin for His Prize was a delightful read that had more to tell at its heart than the surface explained.  I know for all of Max’s beliefs in his ruthlessness, he wasn’t as awful as he wanted to be, at least not to Romi.  Max was more like a wild bear that had already been tamed before A Virgin for His Prize opened.  However, he can’t see that he’s really a softy, and so he goes about achieving his goals through his usual means in A Virgin for His Prize.


I liked that Romi was someone who put herself out there, and it showed in her chosen life, as well.  She didn’t just talk about things, she actually did them.  Max showed that he would defend Romi, even to family in A Virgin for His Prize, and that showed that he was a true hero in the end.


I think in the end Max can still deny his teddy bear leanings, but Romi trusts him completely and knows differently in A Virgin for His Prize.  So what’s wrong with letting him believe he is the big bad wolf for a while?

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