ABANDONED AND UNSEEN by Carrie Ann Ryan and Alexandra Ivy

ABANDONED AND UNSEEN by Carrie Ann Ryan and Alexandra Ivy
Abandoned and Unseen
by Alexandra Ivy, Carrie Ann Ryan

Series: Branded Packs #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Erotic, Paranormal
Source: Author


Twenty-five years ago, humans were plagued by the horrendous Verona Virus.  If it had not been for the shifters, humanity would have been lost.  Instead of openly welcoming shifters to be themselves in the everyday norm, humans turned against them and forced them to live in heavily guarded compounds – often times with a variety of shifter packs.



After overcoming a bad breakup that left her with a wounded heart, Anya Tucker only concern is to safeguard her twin bear cubs.  The last thing Anya wants in her life is another man who could potentially steal her heart.


In addition to protecting his feline pack, Cole McDermott’s time consists of long naps and willing women occupying his bed.  That is until two mischievous bear cubs worm their way into his life causing him to contemplate having a family of his own with them and their beautiful mother.  When the cubs are kidnapped, Cole immediately jumps into action with his tracker skills determined to save them.


The sexual attraction between Anya and Cole is undeniable, although they both tried hard to fight it.  Nevertheless, their passion for one another refuses to be forbidden.  As you can imagine this leads to some heated interactions.  I so love Cole’s character.  He is just what Anya needs to overcome the remnants of a bad relationship.  He is patient, compassionate and protective.  I really enjoyed reading Abandoned from start to finish.



Since the death of her son seven years ago, Nicole Bradley has one purpose in life and that is to destroy the humans responsible for his senseless killing.  Secretly, at night in her wolf form, Nicole has been leaving the compound to cause as much devastation to the SAU as possible.


Tucker Stone is a member of the Unseen, shifters who have avoided being thrown into the compounds, and will do whatever it takes to keep their identities anonymous.  So when he finds a female wolf shifter just moments away from unknowingly causing exposure to his pack, Tucker steps in to stop her.  Tucker soon discovers that Nicole is very defiant and determined.  Will he be able to keep her out of harm’s way when she is set on a dangerous path of destruction?


Unseen is a heartfelt story that will play on your emotions.  Nicole has suffered such a great tragedy.  Revenge has consumed her life to the point where she did not care if harm crossed her path.  If Tucker had not come into Nicole’s life, I am sure that vengeance would have totally consumed her resulting in her death.  With love blossoming between them, Tucker is able to show Nicole that retribution did not have to lead them down a deadly path to find justice.


Abandoned and Unseen are two very well-written stories filled with danger, emotional conflict, drama, warfare, lust, and sexual encounters.  This series just gets better with each new release.  I cannot wait to get my hand on the next thrilling installment in the Branded Packs.

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