ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR by Jenna BrynesAcceptable Behavior by Jenna Brynes
Series: Marked Men #1
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Sam Madison is beginning to feel as though his life is slowly sinking beneath the quicksand no matter what he does.  In an effort to help his twin sister Melanie and his six year old nephew Levi after her husband was sent to prison for an extended period, it was decided the three would move in together.  Sam’s noticed recently that he’s taking care of Levi more than Melanie.  She’s got a drug problem thanks to her husband and it seems to be getting worse no matter what he says or does to help support his twin.  For example, he’s the one who takes Levi to a pediatrician when the kid’s sick.


From the moment Dr. Travis Nelson walks into the room Sam is entranced and so too is the good doctor.  The chemistry is strong between the men, but Sam chooses to pretend that he’s straight.  He’s got enough on his plate with work, Levi, and worrying about Melanie without starting up something with the cute pediatrician.  Travis is curious because he’s sure he’s got Sam’s interest, yet backs off.


A chance meeting after a bike race gives Travis the opportunity to gently push skittish Sam into accepting a date.  The more they spend time together the more they fall with the added benefit of including Levi whenever possible.  The only difficulty seems to be Melanie whose troubles are multiplying rapidly.  Her drama is affecting their relationship, badly.  Choosing a happily ever after won’t happen if something doesn’t change.


Intense emotions.  Hard won happiness.  Acceptable Behavior blazes a path of love, heartache, and ultimate redemption in the first Marked Men story.  Sam is too ingrained in helping his twin.  As for Travis, he’s an only child and bossy to boot.  It’s a long, painful road in Acceptable Behavior for two men meant to be together.  Good thing they can learn from their realistic human mistakes.

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