Accepting Caladon's Scales
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Paranormal's Love #9
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: Interracial, MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

A series of fortuitous circumstances brought human nurse Leroy Wilde into the world of gargoyles and shifters.  Since the gargoyle in charge of the mansion’s clinic hasn’t mated yet it is Leroy’s responsibility to handle any medical situations that come up during the daylight hours.  Most nights he’s working at the nearby human hospital, so it’s a lot of hours and little sleep with no end in sight until Perseus finds his mate.


Rescued after close to two decades of captivity boa constrictor shifter Caladon O’Hara is reveling in his freedom within the sunny arboretum at the gargoyle’s mansion.  The gargoyle clutch has assured Caladon that they will be able to track down his human wife and their son Taolma.  He was captured when his son was a toddler; it’s hard to imagine that Taolma has grown into a man without Caladon able to watch the changes happen.


The bliss of freedom almost pales in comparison to bumping into his human mate at the mansion.  Leroy can’t deny feeling the ‘mate pull’ for Caladon, yet past experiences remind him that his family will do anything to stop their son from dating a non-white.  Learning that Caladon is married and has a grown son simply adds to an already difficult situation.  Untangling this mess will take some time, patience, and love.


Accepting Caladon’s Scales proves to be one obstacle after another for well meaning human nurse Leroy.  Brought into the paranormal world by fate Leroy accepts life at face value, including his family’s issues with his boa constrictor mate Caladon.  Raised by bigots, it is Leroy’s moral strength and Caladon’s love that make this story work out so well.  Enjoy Accepting Caladon’s Scales for the positive, loving message it sends.

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