Accidentally Wolf
by Elle Boon

Series: Mystic Wolf #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author

The last thing Cora Welch expects to find on her daily run through the woods is a young wolf caught in a bear trap.  As she frees the injured animal Cora isn’t quite quick enough and the cub bites her.  Assessing the damage it’s a good thing she’s a veterinarian as the wolf is suffering from a deep gash and a broken leg.  Lugging the cub back to her clinic Cora treats them both and turns around to find a stranger watching them.


Everyone able in the Mystic River Pack is sent to locate the Alpha’s missing son Nolan.  Zayn Malik follows his nephew’s scent to a human animal clinic to rescue Nolan and confront Cora the vet treating him.  Noticing a bite wound on the woman Zayn is well aware that one bite begins the change from human to wolf.  As long as there isn’t a follow up bite Cora will simply put it down to a bad case of flu.


Feeling like the worst bug in the world is hitting her Cora barely argues when Zayn insists on nursing her back to health.  One minute she’s ill and the next she’s hanging all over him without knowing why. The wolf knows what’s happening and he’s fighting his attraction, desperately fighting it.  Zayn does not want a mate who wasn’t born a wolf.  He adamantly does not.  His inner wolf doesn’t care.


Accidentally Wolf proves the best of mistakes can indeed work.  Cora and Zayn are a great match made by happenstance.  The strong cast of characters take charge in a highly entertaining, well paced storyline.  Sexy encounters, sweet interludes, a loving father and son relationship all blend into Accidentally Wolf.  Their genuine love develops and comes through in the end.


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