ACTS OF FAITH by A. M. Arthur

ACTS OF FAITH by A. M. Arthur
Acts of Faith
by A.M. Arthur

Series: Cost of Repairs #4
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Cassie

Things are going well for Rey King and Samuel Briggs. In fact, Rey’s catering business is going so well he needs to take on a partner. He should be happy, and he is, yet he still has to face the pain of living without his daughter, Faith. Rey deals with the loss as best he can, until Faith’s grandmother dies. Suddenly, he’s being offered what he always wanted.


Sam is happy with Rey and with their life together. When Rey gets the chance to spend time with Faith, with the end result of her living with Rey, Sam is happy for Rey. He doesn’t expect their relationship to be rocked by the changes. Bringing a grieving, confused child into their lives is hard enough without Rey’s handsome new business partner, who always seems to be around. Will misunderstandings and resentment destroy Sam and Rey’s love?


Not only does Acts of Faith tie up a lot of the loose ends from Cost of Repairs, but it also adds a new depth to Sam and Rey’s story. Both men have been hurt a great deal in the past, and to an extent they both deal with their problems by trying to tough them out. In Cost of Repairs they learned to rely on each other, but when their new normal is shaken up they revert to old patterns.


Sam is willing to do just about anything for Rey, including putting up with his hot and provocative new business partner and bringing his daughter into their lives. He doesn’t anticipate how much the changes will actually change things however. Instead of communicating his frustrations with suddenly being a parental figure and dealing with his jealousy to Rey, he tries to keep his emotions internal.


Rey is even worse. Above all things, he wants to make his daughter happy. He’s so busy and stressed with work and Faith that he fails to notice Sam’s increasing feelings of disconnection. He makes foolish decisions regarding communication that cause the chasm between them to widen.


Fortunately, Sam and Rey love each other enough to persevere. I couldn’t help but love both Sam and Rey in The Cost of Repairs, and they’re still great here. Their communication issues are believable, and neither of them lets things go so far that it gets ridiculous or unbelievable. I also enjoyed the secondary characters from the series—the guys from previous books, Dixie, Rey’s former boss, his new partner, David, and others are all well-written and add a lot of depth to the story.


Fans of the series shouldn’t hesitate to pick up Acts of Faith. It’s a sweet, emotional read that left me smiling. Newbies should definitely start with The Cost of Repairs. While you could read this one on its own, the experience would be a lot richer after reading the other books in the series.

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