Adapting Instincts
by S. J. Frost

Series: Instincts
Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Primate zoologist Dr. Carl Anderson is processing the knowledge that vampires do exist.  His best friend Andreas was recently turned by his lover who’s been around since the days of the Romans. They’re now setting up an animal refuge in Tanzania and want Carl to join them.

Leaving his position at the zoo and traveling to Africa isn’t the only thing on Carl’s mind.  He also can’t forget the kiss he received from a gorgeous Viking vampire several months ago.  Egill Dalgaard made a lasting, lusty impression on the scientist, one he’d love to explore further if the stoic vampire would let him. 

When Egill does show up Carl is willing to take the plunge and get to know the long lived vampire better.  Carl’s dreams of happiness with him are put to the test however when a vampire hunter from their past shows up and Egill gets the wrong impression. If only Egill will let Carl explain.

This sexy page turner hits the bulls-eye straight to the heart.  From start to finish Adapting Instincts entertains the reader with emotional highs and lows.  Love and loss, happiness and heartache, Carl is put through the ringer with miscommunication the culprit.  In this fourth book of the Instincts Series Carl and Egill finally embrace the love before them after a long journey of guilt and recrimination.  Excellent word building, hot sex, and characters to love Adapting Instincts is a fitting addition.

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