by Lyn Gala

AFFILIATIONS, ALIENS AND OTHER PROFITABLE PURSUITS by Lyn GalaAffiliations, Aliens and other Profitable Pursuits by Lyn Gala
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Genres: MM, Science Fiction
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Published by Loose Id


Rownt trader Ondry and his human palteia Liam Munson are traveling aboard a ship with a contingent of Rownt Calti Grandmothers.  It will be the first time their species attempts to trade in human territory.  As Rownt spend their long existence in the pursuit of trade and accumulating wealth everything hinges on a positive outcome.


The humans had previously sent Colonel Susan Diallo to the large space ship as their representative in order to begin negotiations before the actual trading commenced.  Unfortunately the Rownt Grandmothers didn’t feel comfortable with the Colonel and they’ve asked Liam to be present when the trade negotiations start.


Though Ondry is proud of Liam’s position as aid to the Grandmothers he is becoming increasingly concerned with his palteia’s mental state.  It’s not that long ago that Liam’s submissive behavior caused the human to make poor choices which damaged his soul. Now he’s being expected to hold a difficult, dominant position which Liam isn’t really capable of doing without consequences.  The end to these negotiations can’t come soon enough.


Affiliations, Aliens and other Profitable Pursuits resumes the profound relationship between the alien Rownt and his human palteia.  Their fascinating, evolving love draws the reader into their complex world.  It’s a positive bond they share in this sometimes intense storyline.  There is no question that the series must be read in order.  Fans will be thrilled with Ondry and Liam’s latest book.  Any new readers would be completely lost so start at the beginning.  Affiliations, Aliens and other Profitable Pursuits offers a very particular kind of romance with bold characters and a unique otherworldly setting.  Let your imagination take flight as Ondry and Liam work their own brand of magic.

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