AIDEN’S ANGEL by Aundrea Singer

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AIDEN’S ANGEL by Aundrea SingerAiden's Angel by Aundrea Singer
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

In a world where magic is an everyday part of life graduate student Aiden Lobo is at a strict disadvantage.  It is sometimes embarrassing to admit that he has absolutely no magical talent to work with.  His best friends and fellow grad students, Cassandra Koo and Greg Petran luckily have enough power between them to help Aiden whenever necessary.


Over time Aiden has fallen in love with his friend’s roommate Tanner.  It would be so awkward if things didn’t work between them so they’ve taken it slow.  Thinking it’s finally time to take their relationship to the next level Aiden invites Tanner back to his apartment.


While taking a short cut through the forest Aiden is horrified to find Tanner’s interest in him has more to do with demon rites than love.  Tanner intends to use Aiden as a sacrifice to the demon of war, Aeshma, which will then cause the death of millions upon millions of people.


Divine intervention in the form of a guardian angel saves Aiden during the rites, but not before a Crack in his heart forms.  His healing is a temporary measure at best.  Aiden names his savior Eskander and learns that he’s been loved from the moment of his birth.  Embracing that love and the sacrifice he must make for the greater good of all is much easier than knowing how his decision will affect Eskander.  If only they had more time.


The edgy thriller Aiden’s Angel explores the darkness and the power of the light, or love that one holds inside.  A world of magic, divine light, and demons comes to life in this original alternate reality storyline.  Aiden’s relationship with Eskander will pull every single heartstring taut.  Tensions ratchet higher and higher.  Emotions build and explode at the overwhelming climax that is Aiden’s Angel.  Tissue box necessary.

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