ALEXI’S MOUSE by A. C. KattAlexi's Mouse by A. C. Katt
Series: Werewolves in Manhattan #5
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MLR Press


Barely a teenager Donal Berne left what looked like a safe, wealthy existence.  No one suspected that behind closed doors his step father was abusing him and his mother looked the other way.  Running away Donal arrives at the NYC Port Authority.  He is promptly scooped up by Vittorio Apuso, a cruel and vicious pimp who gets the victim hooked on drugs and then forces the boy into prostitution.


The Russian wolf pack hierarchy is run with money and power.  Ideas of honor and respect aren’t followed.  Alpha Alexi Davidoff, the pack’s second, does believe in decent values.   When male members of his household are murdered for holding hands in public Alexi joins a peaceful protest march in their honor.  He’s arrested and spends the next three years in prison, abused and tortured on a daily basis.


After his people finally are able to obtain his release Alexi flies to Colorado to take the reins of his mother’s inheritance as the pack leader.  From there he flies to NYC to join the Loup Garou Council of North America as their 5th and take a position at Garou Industries. Jogging late at night in the park he follows an incredible scent and comes across his mate – dying from a self-inflicted drug overdose. With all he’s been through surely the gods won’t let his little mouse die.  Alexi has searched for more than a century.  He can’t lose his mate now.


Alexi’s Mouse is a charming tale mixing eroticism with heart and soul. Perhaps light in surprises, Alexi’s Mouse is nonetheless bursting with love.  A clever blend of tenderness and devotion balanced with heartbreak and terror.  Donal and Alexi have led parallel lives, suffered and survived.  The intense wealth is like a fantasy come true. The scars they carry internally will never be completely erased but together they endure.  A lovely dream come true, Donal gets the fairy tale with his Alpha in Alexi’s Mouse.


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