ALIEN HOME by Mark Zubro

ALIEN HOME by Mark Zubro
Alien Home
by Mark Zubro

Series: Alien Danger #2
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Mike Carlson loves his life in Chicago, he loves raising his nephew Jack, and most importantly he loves his husband Joe.  The fact that his husband hails from a distant solar system filled with inhabited planets doesn’t negate Mike’s feelings for Joe in the least.


A detective from the planet Hrrrm, Joe was sent to capture a rogue scientist experimenting on Terrans, using brain implants everyone on their solar system has.  Though the scientist Vov is killed Joe manages to save Vov’s implants and transfers them to his lover’s brain.  Neither expected the implants to change and become stronger than anything Joe’s ever seen.  Maybe it’ because he’s a Terran or because Vov did something unknown, but bottom line Mike has something unique in his head.


Deciding they’d figure it out over time Mike and Joe get back to their lives.  While cheering the high school student on at a state wrestling tournament they are appalled to find out that Jack’s father has been released from prison.  The man turns up at the conference threatening Jack for putting him in prison.  A wild chase through a snow storm is only the start.  Then, no sooner do the men get that situation resolved Joe realizes that someone from his home planet is after him, and Mike as well.  Their love is pure and simple, it’s everything else that’s so complicated.


Fans of the science fiction genre will love all the twists and turns in Alien Home, a truly compelling out of this world love story.  By their actions there’s no question Mike and Joe adore each other though actual sex isn’t part of the book.  Mike is subject to an incredibly unique and detailed government, rules, and officials.  For the most part the official rulings are fascinating though once in a while the storyline loses strength.  Also, Mike never freaks out which isn’t totally realistic.  There is a weak moment or two, but Alien Home certainly entertains and engages the reader’s interest.

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