ALL OF ME by Cardeno C.

ALL OF ME by Cardeno C.
All Of Me
by Cardeno C.

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

It was decided to merge together the Nasa River Pack and the Sunset Valley Pack by bonding together the next generation of Alphas to make one larger, stronger pack.  Once Abel Nasa was born followed by Zakai Berura a few years later a blood bond ceremony cemented their mating.   Even when Kai’s father died and another was chosen as Alpha until the boys came of age to formally mate the agreement stood.


On the day Abel expected to mate with Kai and merge their packs together the young Nasa River Alpha witnessed his bond mate from the Sunset Valley pack taking part in an unforgivable act.  Shocked and inconsolable Abel called off the merger.


It has been almost a decade since Kai broke Abel’s heart.  The stoic Alpha controls the Nasa River pack with a firm, just hand and ignores any news or gossip from the nearby Sunset Valley pack.  Each day he puts one foot in front of the other and mentally counts down the hours until the day is done.  When the sun comes up the ritual begins again.  Every day is like the last until the day Kai’s younger sister comes knocking and calls Abel a coward to his face for turning his back on his mate.


Destiny misfires for fated mates in All of Me.  A darkness descends on two packs and their young Alphas in a tale of major miscommunication.  Abel is justified in feelings of betrayal, Kai in his feelings of being worthless.  Their journey is bittersweet for both.  A lot of swirling emotion is packed within All of Me.  The one who causes all their misery is built up as all powerful and clever, but the confrontation is a letdown.  All of Me has sympathetic characters in an engaging plotline with a less than sterling climax.

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