ALONG CAME LOVE by Tracey Livesay

ALONG CAME LOVE by Tracey LivesayAlong Came Love by Tracey Livesay
Series: Shades of Love #2
Genres: Contemporary, Interracial
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon


Along Came Love is my first book by Tracey Livesay and I found it unique and fresh. The characters were different yet I could see them together which made me enjoy Along Came Love even more than what I was expecting. Since this is the second book in the Shades of Love series at first I was a little lost but as Ms. Livesay included little flash backs I soon felt I was right on track.


India Shaw grew up in foster care and the only people she knows in San Francisco is her adoptive sister, Chelsea, and the man she spent an unbelievable two days with after Chelsea’s wedding. When she shows up pregnant to her sisters penthouse apartment she doesn’t realize that she is out of the country with her new husband and when the door man won’t let her in because she isn’t on the list of approved visitors India does the only thing she can think of and breaks in. But what she doesn’t plan is to have to call Michael Black to be bailed out of jail or telling him that she is pregnant with his child so soon.


Michael spent two wonderful days worshiping India’s body over and over again and no matter what he does he can’t forget her or the way she left. Now back with his girlfriend and ready to launch a new and improved device for his company he is surprised she is back in town and even more surprised that he is going to be a father, but when India makes it clear she is giving the baby up for adoption he has one choice and that is to change her mind. Staying away from India is hard, but after an earth shattering kiss he knows what he has to do and its time he took his life back once and for all.


The plot really stood out because it was different but I had a hard time liking the characters at times. India was impulsive and sometimes seemed a little selfish with not wanting to give the baby to Mike to raise when she was set on adoption. I understand that raising kids is hard work but I just couldn’t see her reasoning, especially because she never truly found a home when she was in that situation. Mike was a little easier to like but his trying to control everything became a little much at times. When he started to take back his life is when I was like yes, finally!


The ending was everything I thought it would be and maybe would have liked more of a surprise and an epilogue to have smoothed it out a little more since I felt it ended rather abruptly.


Ms. Livesay’s writing was captivating and her descriptions pulled me in and while I thought Along Came Love was good it just didn’t fall into the omg I want to read more of this series category. Will I look for more books by this author? Absolutely, because I think Ms. Livesay is one of those authors to keep a look out for.

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