AMENDED SOUL by Kate Steele

AMENDED SOUL by Kate Steele
Amended Soul
by Kate Steele

Series: Altered Heart
Published by Loose Id Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Doctor James ‘Jamie’ Hardin and Jack are beginning a new chapter.  The optometrist and his adopted five year old are starting over with a new home and practice near Jamie’s older son Rio who lives with his lover Mick Matranga.  Knowing he can’t get back the years they were parted Jamie is hoping for a future with Rio.


Though Rio insists his father isn’t responsible Jamie still feels the guilt after learning that his second wife abused his son.  If that wasn’t hard enough to swallow he’s also got to accept that his son is now a werewolf mated to an Alpha.


So much to deal with and get beyond.  Hopefully living nearby can help to further heal the father and son.  During a visit with Rio and Mick the optometrist meets the Alpha’s brother Jed and doesn’t quite understand why he’s attracted to the werewolf.  A heterosexual through and through he’s never been interested in a man before.  It doesn’t help that Jed keeps showing up.  Of course it might have something to do with Jamie being his mate.


Fate asks a straight human to do a sexual about face with his destined werewolf mate.  A life already reeling spins out of control in Amended Soul.  Primary characters clash and spark as they work towards a satisfying conclusion.  Though a standalone sequel readers will no doubt find their curiosity piqued by Rio and Mick’s romance in the first book.  Amended Soul features a solid love story and further healing between a father and his son.

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