AN HEIR FIT FOR A KING by Abby GreenAn Heir Fit for a King by Abby Green
Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary
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Exiled King Alix Saint Croix’s current lover is annoying him.  He stops off to get her a gift, but finds that his attraction is ignited by the lovely perfumer Leila Verughese.  Hoping to acquire Leila as a new mistress, Alix sets about to woo her only to come up against her determination to not travel that route!


Leila knew what she wanted and being a rich man’s mistress was not something she endeavored to become. However, Leila can’t deny that the cat and mouse game that Alix has embarked upon is quite intriguing.  Soon she finds that she has enlisted in more that she bargained for, and Alix must find a way to make things right or lose her forever.


An Heir Fit for a King was an enchanting tale.  Alix seemed to reach a different level with Leila and she wanted to discover things about herself in An Heir Fit for a King.  Alix does come across as quite manipulative over the course of An Heir Fit for a King, but that seemed to be more about him not acknowledging some things about himself.


Leila definitely gave Alix a run for his money in An Heir Fit for a King.  However, when they finally reveal the things that they had kept hidden, Alix and Leila are able to enjoy what they had worked so hard at obtaining in An Heir Fit for a King.  It was a nice change that Alix seemed to become the strong one before Leila, at least in the emotional department in An Heir Fit for a King.

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