AN OWL SURFACES by Stephani Hecht

AN OWL SURFACES by Stephani Hecht
An Owl Surfaces
by Stephani Hecht

Series: The Flushing Owl Shifters #1
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

A Parliament is what a group of owl shifters living together call themselves.  Everyone works for the good of their Parliament.  Of course if you don’t conform to the rules of the group such as being gay that person is exiled from their Parliament.


Elf owl brothers Kayden and Kyle were saved from certain death by Great Gray owl Austin and his Parliament of exiled owl shifters.  The brothers would have died from the injuries inflicted by their own group or starvation if not for Austin.


Kayden becomes an invaluable IT guy for their group.  He also has it bad for Austin, not for the saving thing but because he actually feels drawn to him.  Unfortunately, Kayden is caught by another Parliament and thrown in their version of prison.  Austin realizes it’s time to acknowledge his feelings for Kayden and show the little Elf owl he does care.  After he saves him.


A unique new series begins with An Owl Surfaces.  Charming characters make The Flushing Owl Shifter series work.  Kayden and Austin’s romance is fraught with roadblocks like prison and trackers and their own stubbornness.  All of the chaos makes for an engaging story.  This fast paced, sexy tale blends warmth and adventure into a fun read.

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