Angel Seduced
by Jaime Rush

Series: The Hidden #3
Published by Grand Central Publishing Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Kye Rivers, a magical Deuce Crescent counselor, one with the abilities dealing with sexual energies, has developed a procedure that allows the rare Caido who has fallen in love to be able to experience emotion without pain.  The curse of Caido’s has made them unable to handle any type of emotion without pain.  Kye has worked hard to help those who risked the pain for love, which is a way to bond with their loved one.  It’s not perfect but so far, it’s a Caido’s only hope.


Kasabian, a very unusual Caido, craves emotion and the pain that goes with it; knows that something happened in his childhood that made him this way – a past he can’t remember.  Kasabian might have been okay to live his life wondering what happened, but recently children have begun disappearing again, just like what happened with him.  Kasabian is now desperate to find the missing pieces of his memory and hopefully a clue about who was behind it.  And he knows exactly who to seek to aid him in remembering and even better she is due into his bar anytime.


Kye can’t understand why a Caido would be flirting with her and she isn’t sure about what he is requesting once the entire truth comes out.  Kasabian finally convinces Kye to work her procedure with him, promising not to allow it to go to the ultimate finish – but his secret inner self has its own mind and suddenly Kye and Kasabian are joined.  Kye is so mad she can’t believe that Kasabian broke his word, the only good thing about that night is Kasabian’s memories have returned.  Both Kye and Kasabian are now under the gun to locate the missing children before it’s too late due to what his memories revealed. The big question is why and how far this betrayal of children has gone through the upper ranks of the Hidden.  While attempting the rescue, constant misunderstandings attempt to tear Kye and Kasabian apart.  It’s going to take help from many, many places in order to save the children and defeat the people behind years of selfish manipulating of others – once it’s all over, will Kye and Kasabian find a path that will allow them to explore the passion that brought them together while hunting the missing children?


A magic sexual counselor and a feeling half Angel team up to defeat a foe praying on children and discover a deep love along the way.  Kye and Kasabian should have never been, because Cadio’s are not supposed to feel but Kye learns there are many types of Cadio’s in Angel Seduced.  I knew after reading the first two books in The Hidden series that this last couple of the trio would be unusual but I never expected Kye and Kasabian.  I deeply felt for Kasabian after I learned why he craved emotions and then as he fought to save the missing children from what he went through.  Kye’s heart had me hoping she wouldn’t be hurt too badly while giving everything she had to help Kasabian.  I loved that while the suspense and danger were an important part of the book, there were plenty of parts with humor and passion to even them out.  Now that the foretold three heads have struck, I can’t wait to see what happens next in the world of the Hidden.  Kye and Kasabian proved to me that true love can happen even when it shouldn’t have a chance.  Angel Seduced is quick paced and full of action from the very first page and it doesn’t let up until the last one.  A great way to spend a quiet day relaxing.

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