ANI by Catherine Lievens

ANI by Catherine Lievens
by Catherine Lievens

Series: Whitedell Pride #6
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

After suffering for years at the hands of their Nix leader Ani was freed along with the tribe when Leold was killed.  A home at the Whitedell pride mansion outside of town offered Ani a time of healing and respite.  The timid little Nix can barely read or write and worries that going forward he can’t contribute anything.  Worst of all Ani knows that he is pride leader Alpha Dominic’s mate.  Certain the sexy lion shifter doesn’t want to be mated to someone like him Ani avoids Dominic at every chance.


Closing in on a lonely century the pride leader was thrilled when Ani showed up.  At last Dominic had found his mate.  Unfortunately the little Nix is so damaged from the past that nothing works to build his confidence.  As far as Dominic is concerned Ani is perfect just as he is.  If only the Nix would believe it.


At last Alpha Dominic has his day!  Fans of the Whitedell Pride will rejoice for the pride leader and his mate in the sixth installment of this popular series.  Ani focuses on an emotionally challenged Nix learning to cope in a positive environment.  For all his strengths Dominic also has some growing up to do here. This series continues to provide heartfelt stories of damaged souls searching for redemption.  Sweet and honest Ani finds his way.

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