ANIMAL ATTRACTION by Jill ShalvisAnimal Attraction by Jill Shalvis
Series: Animal Magnetism #2
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Penguin

Reviewed by Miranda

She’s tempting his basic instincts... Sunshine, Idaho, is a quiet ranching town, a perfect place to give injured animals a refuge...or to find one yourself. Veterinarian Dell Connelly suspects there’s a reason his clinic’s uber-efficient receptionist has taken shelter here. Jade Bennett couldn’t be happier to escape the big-city jungle to work with hurt animals, and have a forlorn stray kitten make its home under her desk...or enjoy the gorgeous views of her ruggedly sexy boss. Jade is used to planning everything in her life, but Dell’s seductive, alluring ways have sparked an uncontrollable desire. And though Dell has never had time for love, Jade’s strength and sass is the kind of call no red-blooded male can resist...

Eighteen Months ago Jade Bennett ran as far away from her life as possible. She landed in Sunshine, Idaho and found a job at Belle Haven animal clinic. Jade’s expert organizational skills have helped the clinic immensely and the patients keep her busy and happy. It doesn’t hurt that the doctor is sexy as sin as well. Dr. Dell gets her blood a boiling, too bad he’s a love em’ and leave em’ type and she’s about to head back to her real life. 

Dr. Dell Connelly veterinarian extraordinaire is pretty unflappable. As a matter of fact the only person that ruffles his feather is his sassy receptionist. He sure would like to get up close and personal with Jade but he’s not a relationship kind of guy and she’s on her way out the door. When Dell begins seeing shadows haunting Jade, he makes her confront her fears. It’s a bad time for Dell and Jade to be getting closer but they can’t seem to resist one another. What will happen when Jade’s last month in Sunshine is up? Will Dell let Jade walk away and settle for the time they have together or fight for what he wants? 

Animal Attraction is a sensual novel jam-packed with rampaging emotions, adorable animals and sweet characters. I love Jade and Dell. These two characters really need each other. Discovering the secret that Jade has been harboring since arriving in Sunshine is gut-wrenching. I could feel the powerful emotions leaping off the pages as Jade relives the incident that brought her to Sunshine. She’s wounded and in need of a little extra care, and that is exactly what Dr. Dell is good at. Although, Dell’s past has left him with a few wounds of his own. It is easy to feel his pain even though he is reluctant to talk about it. He is the typical man you hear about: the one that bottles it all up inside but you can still feel it. At times I wanted to growl at these two—both are so stubborn! When Dell and Jade are together the scenes are magic and their desire pours off the pages. Oh and I love how she makes fun referring to him as the woman whisperer when she really wants him to start whispering to her.

I think my only problem with this story is that it is similar to Animal Magnetism in the fact that the main couple’s relationship is on a time limit. In the first book, Brady is leaving in a month and in this one Jade’s stay in Sunshine is expiring in a month as well. It’s not something to grip too much over but it bothered me a little. Otherwise, I rather enjoyed my trip back into the lives of my favorite Sunshine, Idaho citizens. I was so excited to see what was going on now with Brady, Lilah and her menagerie of animals and I can’t wait to read Adam’s story.

Animal Attraction features some rather hilarious bits. It’s really hard to say what animal stole the show this time. Twinkles was definitely the star in Animal Magnetism but in Animal Attraction there are so many animal induced funny moments it’s hard to pick a favorite. I think Peanut the parrot and Beans the kitten are running neck and neck. I love Peanut’s little comments like “Crushin’ on the Doc” and Beans stubborn nature. All the animals provide plenty of laughs. 

Jill Shalvis’ Animal Attraction is a lovely romance with tons of heart and humor.

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