ARCHANGEL’S VIPER by Nalini SinghArchangel's Viper by Nalini Singh
Series: Guild Hunter #10
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


Holly Chang was a happy college student on the day she and several of her friends went out on a girl’s day.  That all changed when they were kidnapped, tortured and, for Holly’s friends, killed by a crazy archangel.  Holly was the sole survivor when she was found by Elena, broken and changed, but alive.  It’s now been several years since that happened and Holly has worked hard to overcome what she was changed into and to deal with the creature she has become.  Unlike most humans when they are transformed, Holly isn’t quite a vampire nor is she human.  Now it seems that someone wants Holly, and they are willing to risk the Tower’s wrath to get her.


Venom is one of Raphael’s seven, his private guard.  Known for his slick dressing, eyes like a viper, and poison that he can release with his fangs, Venom usually faces the world behind dark glasses.  Venom is one of the seven who has been working with Holly, because it appears they are the only two on earth with faster than fast reflexes and deadly poison that they can release with their fangs.  When the bounty on Holly comes to light, Venom volunteers to become Holly’s “babysitter” and personal bodyguard until they find who is behind the threat and terminate it.


Holly would rather spend time with anyone OTHER than Venom, but she is so far down the Tower’s chain that she is stuck with him after Dimitri assigns them together .  As Venom and Holly work on following the clues on why someone would want to kidnap Holly, they also continue working on Holly discovering just what her gifts are and how she can control them.  They also slowly begin to discover that their game of baiting each other is revealing an attraction that quickly becomes a passion.  The deadly game of keeping Holly safe is interrupted by an even deadlier search to reveal the answers to just what Holly has inside her and how it is connected to the insane archangel who transformed her.  This search will take Venom and Holly from New York and into the stronghold of an archangel who will destroy them if they are discovered before the truths come out and a final battle is waged—one that might end Holly’s life once and for all.  It will take all of Venom and Holly’s strength and trust in each other to overcome the battle before them and come out alive and able to explore the overwhelming passion they have found together.


Match up one of the personal bodyguards to the New York Archangel with a petite Chinese-American woman who has lived through horrors, throw in a treat and a deadly  mystery, and you have the journey to love that Venom and Holly will travel in Archangel’s Viper. I would have never put Venom and Holly together and, yet, as I watch them circle around and try to one-up each other, I found that they were the perfect match is so many ways.  I absolutely loved watching as Venom and Holly at first fought against their attraction and then as they started to explore their passion and finally as they battled to overcome the deadly horror that was threatening Holly’s life.  I also enjoyed learning more about Venom’s background and the why and how he was made as he was.  But what I learned most about Venom was that behind his slick suits and those dark glasses, he has a big heart and a soul that needed someone to love and to help him forgive long past hurts that were still festering deep within him.  Holly’s zest to live out every minute of life and to make every day count was exactly the person to help Venom finally free himself to accept the love that has connected them.


I was captivated from the first page and wasn’t let go until I turned the final page.  I could not wait to discover what would happen next as Venom and Holly worked to find all the answers that would allow them to have a future to love and learn more about each other.  I also loved seeing some of the everyday life of Raphael’s seven when he wasn’t around.  The timing of Venom and Holly’s story was just as revealing as the Tower’s curtain was slightly moved aside to reveal some of its inner workings.  There was much more I could have talked about, but I will just say that you have to read the book. I would suggest that you wait to open the cover until you have a good long stretch uninterrupted time to read.  To say that I Joyfully Recommend Archangel’s Viper as a must-read and a true keeper, doesn’t quite cover it, but I do so whole-heartedly.


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