Arranged for Pleasure
by Lacey Thorn

Series: Pleasures #6
Published by Respendence Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Menage
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Kat went to the police academy and graduated with her friends River and Tara. Together, they decided they would rather be private investigators than cops and, they opened up Angel Investigations.  It was decided by the three friends that Kat would be the one to go back to find out who was sending Tara graphic pictures. She would also begin to wrap-up some of the loose ends they left when they all ran after a shoot-out that injured them and killed a detective turned madman.  Kat learned from Tara that she was also in danger and being stalked by a person or people left from that last shoot-out.


Rafe has known Kat many, many years and once they had a close relationship, then life happened and Rafe went into the marines and Kat to the police academy. Rafe and two of his buddies, Liam and Adrain, are asked to protect Kat from the people out to kill her and suddenly all four of them are locked together in one place.  This is not the first time that all four were in close proximity together—no there was the one night of blinding pleasure that scared Kat so badly she ran from her marines.


Now she has one final time to learn if that night was a foretelling of the future or if it was just one wonderful night that will just be special forever.  Rafe and Liam might be willing to go forward from this point, but Kat is still a bit unsure if she can handle three men at once, and Adrian has his own reason for being wary of any continuation of their group relationship.  Just when it looks like the danger is over, Kat overcomes her nerves and goes for her men before they turn from her. All four discover that same feeling from their one night, and they work to overcome any barriers that would tear them apart with pleasure and through talking things out.  However, that danger following Kat isn’t over, and it takes them all by surprise when she is taken.  Rafe, Adrian and Liam are about to put all their training into action to save their spicy Kat from a madwoman before it’s too late.


One night of blinding pleasure brought four independent hearts together and insecurity tore them apart, now they have another chance to see if their feelings are really a lasting love or just spent passion in Arranged for Pleasure.  Seeing Kat and her men work out just how their lives would be together while dealing with a dangerous situation proved that this foursome had the strength to keep together no matter what. I understood the qualms that both Kat and Adrian had, and yet I knew that Rafe and Liam would be able to hold them all up while the rope of love tied them together once and for all. Watching this interaction while they were attempting to end the danger to Kat and her partners, added depth to their journey.  Arranged for Pleasure takes four people and sets them on a path filled with danger and love, if they can just overcome their personal barriers to reach for it.

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