THE ART OF HERO WORSHIP by Mia KerickThe Art of Hero Worship by Mia Kerick
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Cool Dudes Publishing

Attending one of the campus theatre’s Shakespearean productions at Batcheldor College freshman Jason Tripp didn’t at first understand what was going on.  He heard the noise yet the sound of a gun of some kind didn’t register for those few seconds it took to get a head wound and feel his girlfriend Ginny slump to the ground.  If it wasn’t for junior Liam Norwell helping him pretend they were both dead when the gunman walked by they would never have survived.


Living through that horror the pair were held in police protection after the gunman, another student they both vaguely knew got away.  The theatre massacre wasn’t bad enough for them however because the gunman discovered their whereabouts and tried again.


No one can understand how they truly feel after surviving two horrific situations.  Through it all they bond.  Jason and Liam are both straight.  Both have enjoyed relationships with the opposite sex, but something changes for the two after the nightmare ends.  Suddenly they are happiest with Liam taking charge and Jason content to follow his lover’s directions.  Family and friends however, are unable to deal with Liam and Jason as a couple.  Not only are they forced to cope with the stress others dole out but another crisis has Jason reeling and Liam brokenhearted.  Faced with more emotional drama than any two can handle it’s no wonder everything they started is falling apart.


Somewhere between tragedy and triumph lies The Art of Hero Worship.  Lives take an awful twist after living through an unimaginable situation in this powerfully emotional drama.  The dynamics of Liam and Jason’s lives are altered after surviving a massacre.  The Art of Hero Worship is an unsettling reminder of how precious life is and how one little twist in time can change everything.  Their bond grows and grows in this riveting tale.  Though there is certainly nothing wrong with the way they chose to deal with the hell they endured in this story, more intense professional help might have given the life like characters a different outcome.

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