ASCEND by Michelle King

ASCEND by Michelle KingAscend by Michelle King
Series: Portland's Men #3
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loose Id

The disappearance of his mother when he was thirteen left Bohai Tran at the mercy of a stepfather who regularly peddled the boy to the highest bidder.  Using his own intelligence and inner strength Bo managed to break free when he reached legal age.  Having a limited skill set Bo used what he knew to become a self-employed rent boy.


College student and licensed tattoo artist Diego Villanueva comes from a large, hardworking racially mixed family.  Older brother Luis is a Portland homicide detective who’s taught Diego a great deal about the dark side of life and what to watch out for.


Fleeing a violent client Bo is in bad shape when Diego first sees him in a men’s bathroom.  Bo tries to brush his errant knight off, but Diego isn’t having it and insists on lending his help.  A run in with the client doesn’t even shake Diego loose.  As the sexual chemistry begins to heat up between the two, neither realize they are being stalked.  They’ve made an enemy that won’t stop.  It’s definitely going to get worse before it gets better, much worse.


Fraught with danger, Ascend risks everything for the possibility of love.  Opposites in every way, yet Bo and Diego are clearly meant to be in this action packed, steamy drama.  Tense situations are the back drop to this erotic romance.  A terrifying protagonist balanced against a carnal love story.  Embrace Bo and Diego’s difficult journey, it’s pure seduction.

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