Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give A Damn
by Thursday Euclid

Published by Loose Id Genres: Contemporary, MM
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Artificial Hearts is literally the hottest rock band on the planet.  Lead singer and songwriter Asher Beauregard is lauded as a genius for his talents as a vocalist and for his hard hitting powerful lyrics.  Ironically, he was asked to join by the bands founding members, Scar, Lander, and Johnny who played cheap dives until Asher signed on and people slowly began taking notice.


On a world tour to promote their latest hit album Asher is up to his usual tricks of drink, drugs, and girls and the occasional secret tryst with a guy.  Each day he numbs himself, feeling another piece of his tattered soul slip way.  Artificial Hearts manager Crawford Hanlon seems like a decent, sincere man, but he too has an agenda which is further corroding Asher’s dignity and confidence.


Their warm up band is a little known British foursome fronted by blue haired Leo Harpstedt, whose upper crust accent and manners are at odds with the other rough rockers.  His warm smile immediately draws Asher in who’s willing to give the Brit a chance.  At first Leo appears agreeable to more with the ‘bad boy’, then he slams on the brakes.  Mixed signals are something Asher is not good with.  Not good at all.


Asher considers himself damaged beyond all repair.  First his mother and then his only boyfriend destroyed his heart, his attempt to love long ago.  When it looks like Leo’s rebuffed Asher for good and other bombshells begin to drop the rock god wishes the world would end, at least his world.  Leo needs to explain before Asher gives in and gives up forever.


Gut wrenching emotions at every turn as Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give a Damn in this dark, compelling drama.  Readers plunge into the bleak world that is this rock god’s life and the taste is vile indeed.  Disturbing, poignant, and heartbreaking at times Asher self medicates to kill all feeling.  Lyrics are the only way out for this profoundly troubled main character.  At times it’s difficult to follow Asher and Leo’s hot and cold sexual dynamics, but stick with it, the end is worth the wait.  This high tension story won’t be for everyone, however it is a powerful, enthralling read.  Give Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give a Damn a chance.  Gritty and bleak and memorable.

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