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ASK THE ORACLE by J. J. BlackAsk the Oracle by J. J. Black
Series: Revelations #1
Published by Totally Bound Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

One of the most powerful Oracles in the world, Grayson Muir earned the title the hard way.  Abandoned as a newborn and raised in an orphanage group home Grayson’s background was unknown.   As a child he suffered through psychic visions without knowing how to handle them.  Adult caregivers thought him demon possessed or mentally ill.  If not for the intervention of a renowned psychic who recognized Grayson’s gift he wouldn’t have made it to adulthood.


Setting up a career as an Oracle gave Grayson purpose and a sense of rightness in the world.  Not only does he work for clients, Grayson also helps with the police when necessary.


The satisfying results of aiding the police with a kidnapped child changes to irritation the moment a Lust Demon materializes in Grayson’s office.  A past experience with a Demon soured the Oracle against any future contact.


Lust Demon Andreo ‘Dreo’ Demos isn’t interested in the Oracle’s prejudices, he needs Grayson’s skills, immediately.  Their leader, Lord Lucifer has been murdered.  The Oracle must tell them who did the dark deed and who would be the best choice for a new leader.  Tempers are fraying and tensions are high in the Underworld.  The Oracle is their only hope.  Complicating matters is Dreo’s belief that the Oracle is his mate while Grayson’s hoping it’s simply a by-product of being a Lust Demon.  Mating a Demon is the last thing he wants, the very last.


For a sensual, enthralling story one simply needs to Ask the Oracle.  The first book in the Revelations series offers a unique, sizzling hot mystery to solve.  A pair of forceful, dynamic characters butt heads over almost everything until they close the bedroom doors.  Grayson’s talent adds another exciting layer to Ask the Oracle.  Entertaining from beginning to end, Ask the Oracle leaves readers hungry for more.

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