AT BLADE’S EDGE by Lauren Dane

AT BLADE’S EDGE by Lauren DaneAt Blade's Edge by Lauren Dane
Series: Goddess with a Blade #4
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Carina Press


Rowan Summerwaite has had a strange life being a vessel and one of the agents for the Hunter Corporation.  But the last few years have been even stranger, if you can believe it.  Rowan has fought for the treaty to protect the humans, and she has just married her vampire boyfriend, a powerful Scion for her father, the First.  On top of all that, Rowan has come into proof that some of the Partners at the Corporation have been undermining her and putting other hunters at risk.  Rowan has put her life on the line many times for the Corporation, and now she is going to produce her proof, kick some serious ass, and clean up the organization that helped her when she really needed it.


Clive Stewart worked hard to become the North American Scion, and now he not only has his vampires to keep under control, but he also has a beloved wife who is considered a boogeyman to his people.  Oh, he knows that Rowan only goes after those who break the rules, and he has watched her be seriously harmed time and again to keep the innocent safe, both human and vampires alike.  Now he has to watch as she cleans her own house, a place she once thought of as a place of safety.  Clive has never tried to get into Rowan’s way, and he won’t this time, but he will do everything in his power to help her and protect her.


Rowan knew some of the rotten partners in the corporation, however just as they are about to be brought to justice, chaos not only kills those partners, but also some of the hunters who showed up at the hearing.  Rowan knows that now it will be harder to find out who was behind the rot that infested the Corporation, but she isn’t about to leave the job half done.  Right now, she has to be the instigator to help put the Corporation back together and help it reorganize in such a way that this can never happen again.  If that isn’t enough, she also has to deal with Clive’s parents and his family and the celebration that The First has planned for them.  Rowan travels with Clive to the father’s home for their celebration, but just when her happiness is at its peak, she has to witness an unbelievable horror that will put those behind the threat to her at the top of her search-and-destroy list.  Now it’s beyond personal, and she is going to make them all pay and pay hard this time.


A trip to London will bring Rowan and Clive laughter, stress, danger and, of course love.  What else would you expect from this high-profile couple?  At Blade’s Edge will have Rowan finally about to clean house at the Hunter Corporation and to meet Clive’s family.  You have to wonder which is stressing her out the most, especially since she is arriving before Clive.  I knew that Rowan was more than ready to kick ass and take down more names than she currently had, but I was surprised at how it went down.  I felt Rowan’s sorrow at the loss of innocents by madmen.  However, I think the worse threat to Rowan’s sanity was Clive’s parents and not the thrashing at Hunter Corp.  I have to admit I felt a bit sorry for Clive when he got to London in the middle of things.  However, I still love how Clive not only gives Rowan balance, but also the knowledge that he has her back.  I will admit to absolute shock when the final horror happened to Rowan at her father’s home during a time that should have been filled with laughter and happiness.  All I can say is that someone(s) have now placed a price on their head, and there is no price to stop Rowan from finding them and claiming it. As I said above, it’s extremely personal now, and I almost feel sorry for those that have put Rowan and Clive on their trails.  At Blade’s Edge is a must-read for any Rowan and Clive lovers; it’s full of all the things that make them lovable—suspense, humor, deadly danger, and lots of passion.

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