AWAKENED by Kate Douglas

AWAKENED by Kate DouglasAwakened by Kate Douglas
Series: Intimate Relations #3
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Mandy Moore loves living with her sister and their new roommate, Marc, and she also loves her job as a barista.  Mandy actually fell for a guy she watched from the window of the coffee shop where she worked as he rode by on his bicycle. Later, she learned that the guy was a multimillionaire and one of the most eligible bachelors.  She knew she would never be able to act on her crush. Then, of all things, he moved in their house.


Marc Reed has worked hard to be where he is, and he did not have anything close to an easy or carefree childhood.  Now, he has more money than he dreamed of, and Marc tries to take care of those he considers friends and family of the heart. Mandy and her sister definitely fall into both of those categories, although what he feels for Mandy is much different than what he feels for her sister.  Marc is attracted to Mandy and has been from the beginning, yet they are always surrounded by friends, and he wonders if he will ever get the chance to find out just how Mandy feels.


Mandy can’t believe that once she and Marc are finally left alone for more than a few minutes they both figure out that their sparks are mutual.  Marc ends up telling Mandy his deepest and darkest secret, even though he’s afraid that she will walk away from him once she learns of it.  Exactly the opposite happens.  Mandy knows dang good and well that Marc would never hurt a fly, so she is determined to help him find the truth of the reoccurring nightmares he has.  This starts a journey which uncovers a cold-blooded murder, and it also begins a hunt for the victim. At the same time, Marc and Mandy are working at keeping his companies going, helping to plan their best friend’s wedding, and learning about each other as their passion deepens into love.  Danger follows Mandy and Marc to his vineyard, and Marc learns another reason why he might have been drawn to that area when he originally bought the land.  The answers finally fall together and deadly danger attempts to destroy the love that Mandy and Marc have found.  Help from friends, and an unexpected place, win the night and give Marc and Mandy their chance to have the bright future directly ahead of them.


A private man with deep secrets finds his match in a sunny, outgoing woman, who just happens to be his new roommate in Awakened.  I just knew that Mandy and Marc would have to finally get their chance after all of the others found their own loves.  I was shocked to learn all that Marc held within him for so many years and how he was still able to do so much in his businesses.  I found Mandy was the absolute perfect person to love Marc—she was his direct opposite in so many things, and yet they were perfectly matched.  The journey to unravel Marc’s dreams/nightmares and then to find the proof was full of suspense and deadly danger by the time the end came.  I loved where that last bit of help came from at the moment Marc and Mandy could have lost everything.  I really did love how this book ended for all of the friends and that it tied all the parties together.  Awakened takes suspense and passion and twists them together with touches of humor and deep friendship for a great and satisfying end.

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