BABY’S GOT BITE by Candace Havens

BABY’S GOT BITE by Candace Havens
Baby's Got Bite
by Candace Havens

Series: Take it Like a Vamp #2
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Bennett Langdon likes her life just how it is with a job and boss she loves, who happens to also be her best friend. She also likes keeping her love life to light and quick hook ups.  So, when she had a one night stand while attending her best friend’s wedding as maid of honor, it seemed like the perfect idea for a night’s celebration.  And who could say no to the sexy, and surprisingly not gay, fashion designer who dressed the bridal party—certainly not Bennett.


Linc Monahan has a dual life. To the public, he is a well-known fashion designer in constant demand, and at all other times, he is a top lieutenant for one of his best friends and the current head of the Council. And, of course, he is a werewolf.  When Linc had his night with Bennett, Linc never had a thought of anything coming of it, except a night of hot passion—but what a great memory.


Bennett found out that both she and Linc were really wrong in their thinking when multiple pregnancy tests prove that Bennett brought home one heck of a memento from that night. Linc is beyond shocked to hear that Bennett is pregnant, and yet he doesn’t doubt her that he is the father—even if it should be totally impossible.  A werewolf can’t get a human with child. Once the word of Bennett’s pregnancy gets out, it opens a hidden secret from Bennett’s past.  Bennett and Linc work hard at finding a way to deal with becoming parents and what their future relationship might be.  However, to make things go up a level in stress, it appears that when Bennett and Linc had their night, it also did something that put their future, and their child’s future, in deadly danger.  Linc is determined to keep Bennett and their child safe, and yet it might be taken out of his hands before he has the chance.  Bennett has always been an out-spoken and take charge woman. She just isn’t about to let anything or anyone besides herself and Linc determine the future for themselves and their child, but she and Linc, even if she has to fight the strongest beings in the Council.


A night of hot passion turns out to be just the beginning of a stress- and passion- filled journey for Bennett and Linc in Baby’s Got Bite.  I could tell when Bennett and Linc first met that their chemistry was off the charts, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that they hit the sheets that same night.  Yet, I think I was as shocked as they were to learn that they had turned up pregnant.  I loved watching how first Bennett and then Linc and then the two of them together dealt with the shock and then quickly came up with a temporary game plan.  The twist of Bennett’s past was a true game-changer, and I also loved just how Bennett took charge and how she put Linc first after the health of their child.  I know for a fact this was one birthing that no one who was around will ever forget.  I can’t wait to see the next view into this fun and dangerous world. I hope it won’t be too long of a wait.  Baby’s Got Bite is a humorous and mostly lighthearted journey as a special couple prepares to bring in a new member of the family into the world and discovers their love along the way.

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