BAD BITCH by Christina Saunders

BAD BITCH by Christina SaundersBad Bitch by Christina Saunders
Series: Bad Bitch #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Swerve

Bad Bitch is the first book in the Bad Bitch series and honestly I was just wowed. From looking over the blurbs in the Bad Bitch series the stories follow three brothers who are all attorneys from Louisiana. Do I have your interest yet because this series definitely came up on my radar from the beginning.


Evangeline aka Evan is a woman that you don’t want to cross nor mess with. She is a shark in the court room and has no problem eating you up and spitting you out when she is through. This also happens in the bedroom as well. She controls her sexuality, doesn’t mind speaking her mind and if you aren’t good in the bedroom Evan is throwing your ass out. Then she meets opposing counsel Lincoln Granade who is about to knock her off her feet in more ways than one.


Lincoln is in New York City to try Evan’s client instead of New Orleans where he resides. He has been after him for a long time and wants to know exactly what he knows, he just hopes Evan doesn’t get in his way. But the more time Lincoln spends with Evan the more he wants her and not just in the bedroom but on his side for this case. Except Evan isn’t giving in, but Lincoln will do whatever he has to to make her see that this is the right thing to do but with the case coming to a head will they team up or will it be a fight to the finish?


I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Evan at first but as Bad Bitch started to progress I couldn’t get enough of her. She comes off hard and standoffish but once she starts to open up herself to Lincoln the more I started to understand her and I began to like her more. Lincoln on the other hand I liked right away, he was dominant, sexy and had this protectiveness that made me wish I was his heroine.


Bad Bitch was hot and unique in a way that I found myself turning the pages rapidly. Christina Saunders might be a new author to me but I know I am already looking forward to not only reading more of this series but to all future books. In Bad Bitch we also learn more about the Granade brothers and what Lincoln did to mess up the relationship with his brother, but I hope to see them repair their relationship and can’t wait to see what Saunders has in store for them.

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