BAD MOON ON THE RISE by Shannon West

BAD MOON ON THE RISE by Shannon West
Bad Moon on the Rise
by Shannon West

Series: Dark Hollow Wolf Pack #7
Published by Dark Hollow Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

A savage killer is targeting young men in tourist town Panama City, Fla.  Lieutenant James Tucker and his partner Detective Kevin Bryson are assigned as lead investigators in the case.  The latest attack came close to Tucker on a personal level as the Night Stick bar is a favorite watering hole he frequents.


After calling it a night Tucker returns to the bar and lucks out with a big stud called Gavin.  Not his usual type, yet the Lt. can’t keep his hands off the sexy stranger. A quick encounter in a back room can’t erase the guilt however when Tucker later finds out that the killer has struck again in the nearby alley about the same time as he was indulging his lust with Gavin.


Tucker and Bryson are having no luck in identifying the killer and continue to come up empty.  No luck at all until the murderer takes an interest in the Lt. as he’s walking home alone.  Suddenly Gavin and two other men are saving his life from a killer who doesn’t look exactly human.  Something strange is happening here and Tucker won’t rest until he finds the truth.  Even if it takes him away from his life, his career, and his best friend.



Bad Moon on the Rise raises the heat to scorching hot.  Twists and turns in the plotline, as well as steamy encounters keep readers completely engaged in Tucker and Gavin’s wild romance.  Secrets from the past and an ugly undercurrent in the present take the characters on a difficult emotional journey.  In Bad Moon on the Rise no one is safe or sure of their future.

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