BAMF by SJD Peterson

BAMF by SJD Peterson
by SJD Peterson

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

As a child Ridley Corbin was constantly bullied.  The red headed, scrawny boy was the perfect target at school and in the neighborhood.  Ridley learned that using his brain could save him bumps and bruises by doing the homework of the biggest bully in exchange for protection.


With a full scholarship at Slater College in Michigan Ridley is finally reaping the rewards of all his hard work.  His body also transformed with sizable muscles and height.  The addition of several tattoos and piercings made Ridley somewhat intimidating, yet he always looked out for the weak.  He hadn’t forgotten.


Ridley’s confidence includes being comfortable with his sexuality.  Lately that confidence had come into question after weeks and weeks of failed attempts to get his skills working when it comes to Alexx Firestone, college librarian.  The guy has Ridley’s stomach in knots and he doesn’t even know it.


Then miracle of miracles, Alexx agrees to go out with him and the night is better than anything Ridley could’ve imagined.  Certain that the sexy librarian found pleasure as well it bugs Ridley to no end when Alexx doesn’t return his calls.  Something odd is going on.  Ridley refuses to leave it alone.  He’s certain Alexx is worth whatever trouble he’s in.  Well, careful what you wish for…


Author SJD Peterson executes an exciting mystery with sympathetic characters and a twisty plotline.  Ridley and Alexx complement each other, balance each other.  Passion and high drama are rolled within BAMF.  A thrilling tale that takes readers on a sinfully sexual adventure.

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