BARGAINING FOR THE BILLIONAIRE by JM StewartBargaining for the Billionaire by JM Stewart
Series: Seattle Bachelors #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Forever Yours


I’m not totally up to date on the Seattle Bachelors series but I did read the book prior to Bargaining for the Billionaire and I enjoyed it so of course I had to know the whole story behind the Madison and Grayson love/hate relationship. JM Stewart takes these two characters on a trust journey and it all starts with coming to terms with what happened to them in the past.


After a bad break up Madison is determined to keep her heart on lock down and never give another man the chance to break it. It’s been three years since her ex and watching her friends fall in love and move on with their lives is making her feel a little on the lonely side. When her friends embark on a mission to help her date she is nervous. They sign her up to be one of the dates of a bachelor that is in an auction. While her friends know who the mystery man is she has no clue but the more she texts him the more she feels that just maybe she will be able to give her heart away again.


Grayson knew he messed up with Madison 3 years ago but Madison never even gave him the chance to explain himself. When the opportunity to be her mystery man arises with the help of her friends he takes it as a sign. Of course deceiving Madison for the second time doesn’t sit well with him but he needs for her to finally hear him out on the whole story. It isn’t going to be pretty but Madison deserves the truth and he will stop at nothing to win back the woman he has never been able to get over.


From the moment Grayson and Madison started texting I knew I was going to fall in love with him. Grayson was seriously on a mission to win her back but he didn’t do it with sweet words but listening and even sending meaningful gifts. I really liked how he kept giving her little hints here and there that it was him, but still kept the mystery going on until the night of their date. When Madison realizes its Grayson I can’t believe that she wouldn’t even listen to what he had to say. I mean I get she was hurt by what happened in the past but it was three years ago.


Stewart wrote her characters with so much passion that when they finally come face to face it was like the fourth of July. Fireworks everywhere. I loved how they couldn’t keep their hands off one other yet Madison still kept up her stubbornness’. I just found both of these characters likable and really enjoyed the way they interacted. Stewart also had them heat up the pages a few times and boy are these two hot together!


While most Billionaire books tend to be the same in many ways or at least run in the same direction, Stewart put her own spin on the story and the characters that made it stand out. Grayson was alpha and yet it was his softness for Madison that had me swooning. I loved the development of the characters and how they finally came together in the end. Their relationship wasn’t easy but to get there they had to face the past and wow was it worth it.


I enjoyed Bargaining for the Billionaire until the very last page. I’m not really sure if there will be future books in the Seattle Billionaire series but I really do hope so. In the meantime I will be starting from the beginning to see where it all started and getting to know the characters who I have grown to love from the last two stories.

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