BAY OF SIGHS by Nora Roberts

BAY OF SIGHS by Nora RobertsBay of Sighs by Nora Roberts
Series: Guardians #2
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


Annika is the most innocent of the searchers of the Stars, but that has a lot to do with the fact she has been sheltered by living in the oceans as a mermaid.  Annika is quickly learning what she needs to know about the land world in order to fulfill her part of finding the Stars and saving the world.  Annika is now on a time limit for her time on the land because she had to reveal herself to the others to save one of them.  But she is determined to help the others and to also explore the passion that is building between her and Sawyer.


Sawyer King is the latest in his family to be given the task to save the Stars.  As each person was given the task to unravel the legend and the clues, they were also given something to help them do this.  Sawyer is now a traveler of both space and time and with that comes certain responsibilities, but in order to save his team and especially Annika, he will run the risk of breaking those rules.


The team is on the Island of Capri in search of the second Star.  Now that they know what each of the team members can do, they have an idea of what they will be facing, because the dark goddess is going to bring out even bigger guns to fight them.  It appears that the newest ally with the goddess a person who holds a grudge against both Sawyer and Riley and has the money and contacts to make life difficult for the searchers.  Now the searchers are facing not only figuring out the clues to where the Star is hidden, but also facing the worst of the worst mercenaries that have been hired to discover not only where the second Star is, but when the first Star is hidden.  So far, the searchers are keeping one step ahead, but when the Sawyer and Annika are captured it will come down to their belief in each other and their strength of character and, most importantly, their love for each other.


A mermaid and a traveler find a love that will transcend even living in two separate worlds in Bay of Sighs.  Wow, I was amazed at how much nastier the dark goddess fought as the search for the second Star went on.  Annika and Sawyer would have never met except for the legend and search for the Stars and, yet, I found their love to be the most natural.  I loved watching as they fell for each other, even knowing that everything was against them having a future together.  I also enjoyed watching as once again the searchers unraveled the clues and found the hidden Star.  The danger was brought into sharp focus when Annika and Sawyer were captured and then tortured to reveal where the second Star is.  Bay of Sighs has equal aspects of danger and passion, suspense and friendship that allows the good to win the day and love to rule.  On to the last Star.

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