BAYOU FAIRY TALE by Lex ChaseBayou Fairy Tale by Lex Chase
Series: Fairy Tales of the Open Road #2
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Princess Taylor Hatfied, yeah…princess, long story, and his lover the Enchanted Huntsman Corentin Devereaux saved the world and retired to the tiny hamlet of Sullivan, Maine.  Of course the world was unaware of their heroics in preventing Princess Atticus Hatfield, Taylor’s brother from his evil machinations.  Atticus has been quietly tucked away in an institution for Enchants.


Everything’s been quiet for the past two years.  Taylor and Corentin have figured out a way to deal with the curse which strips the Huntsman of his memories every seven days, including his love for the Princess.  It’s not the best of solutions, but they’ve learned to cope until they can figure out a way to break the curse.


In one fell swoop their carefully constructed life goes to hell after Taylor learns that his brother has gone missing and New Orleans is hit with a deadly blizzard.  The fact that Atticus can control the weather and the Big Easy is Corentin’s hometown is purely coincidence.  Right?  It doesn’t mean they’re needed again. Uh, huh.


A wild spin on the world of make believe Bayou Fairy Tale comes alive in a unique and clever way.  This zany world is inhabited by male princesses, female princes, and much more.   Great characters with deep emotional bonds head a large cast in this exciting adventure of a plotline.  Taylor and Corentin are endearing charmers who suck the reader into their magical world.  Expect the unexpected and maybe the reader will guess right at least half the time in Bayou Fairy Tale.  Good luck finding a way back to reality…

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