THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME by Jade LeeThe Bear Who Loved Me by Jade Lee
Series: Grizzlies Gone Wild #1
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Forever Yours

Maximus or Alpha of the local bear shifter clan Carl Carman is a natural at the job although there are certainly days he’d rather be doing anything else.  Working with the kids at day camp is one enjoyable adventure after another.  Dealing with belligerent bear shifters refusing to abide by clan rules is a total pain in the ass.   Some days it just doesn’t pay to be the boss.


Becca Weitz is completely oblivious to the clan of bear shifters in their midst.  Running a successful bakery in town Becca is also responsible for raising her teenage nephew Theo.  She doesn’t know that the camp Theo attends is a way for him to learn about his heritage without humans being involved.


When Theo goes missing Becca is told to alert Carl, which seems odd to say the least.  Beyond worried about her nephew it doesn’t make sense that she feels so drawn to the camp leader.  The baker is about to get an eye opening introduction into a world she believed to be simple fantasy.


Dealing with the crisis and her feelings for Carl is a tall order for Becca.  As they search for the missing teen, the Maximus learns that two wolf shifter boys are also missing from the local pack.  Something, someone is after shifters and it’s Carl’s responsibility to uncover the truth and bring Becca into the clan, as his mate.


The Bear Who Loved Me blends a tender romance with an action packed mystery and the results give readers a riveting adventure.  Issues with stubborn bear shifters, a missing teen, and a mate who completes him keep Carl busy indeed.  It’s all in a day’s work for a sometimes overwhelmed Maximus.  Tensions rise with an unknown foe and a sweet love story blossoms.  Thoroughly entertaining, The Bear Who Loved Me is a wonderful start to a new series.

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