BECOMING HIS by Shawn Lane

BECOMING HIS by Shawn LaneBecoming His by Shawn Lane
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by JMS Books LLC


Tobias ‘Toby’ Sherwood knows that most people believe the worst when they hear he’s a stripper.  They think he must be a whore, a slut at best.  He’s not.  Toby simply likes to dance, to entertain, and the money is great.


Since early childhood Lucas Cartwright wanted to be an actor.  His dreams are coming true with a lead role in the successful cable show Harrow’s Eyes.  Though Lucas says he’s bisexual so far he’s only been photographed with women.


The gift of a day pass to see Lucas filming his show has unexpected results as the two men get a better chance to talk than at their initial introduction at the hospital.  Sparks between Toby and Lucas feel so strong that neither wants the feeling to end. Hot and heavy they can’t get enough of each other.  As the days stretch on Toby begins to worry that his actor would feel differently if the press got wind of his less than stellar career. But Lucas assures Toby that being a stripper doesn’t matter to him. Only time will tell.


A true blue sweetie, Toby is the star in Becoming His.  There’s no question these characters fairly burn up the pages of this romance.  Fast paced, witty characters, and an engaging plotline round out the enjoyment of Becoming His.   Toby and Lucas find their way through the mire and burgeoning love.  A good read from beginning to end.

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