Believing the Traitor
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Paranormal's Love #14
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

After months in a coma Walter Blackhorse awakens to a totally new reality where gargoyles and shifters live and love alongside humans.  Before his coma the Shoshone Indian worked in a traveling oddity circus where he did his best to help the mistreated creatures, but it was never enough.  On the day they were raided Walter chose to step in front of the gun his boss Bud was pointing at a stranger.  That was his last memory before waking.


Once Walter is clear headed and on the mend he fears repercussions for his part in working at the circus.  The gargoyles are quick to assure him he’s forgiven, especially after taking a bullet for their chieftain.


His life takes a further twist when it’s discovered he’s a mate to the gargoyle Treatise who’s been searching for the other half of his soul for centuries.   As Walter regains his health the two get to know each other with long talks and light foreplay.


Once Walter is on his feet an unexpected test of his new loyalty is passed with flying colors.  Then an ill-timed cry from the past sends the Indian running.  Yet again Walter is forced to prove his steadfast honor.


Love is never easy when Believing in the Traitor.  Walter and Treatise have a slow and steady buildup to their relationship, which is both sweet and sexy.  Their romance takes time with good communication before the intimacy begins.  Threats to the clutch during the climax bring a layer of drama to the tale.  A loving, pleasant read all around, Believing in the Traitor fits right into this popular series.

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