BEST KEPT LIES by Helena Maeve

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BEST KEPT LIES by Helena MaeveBest Kept Lies by Helena Maeve
Series: Shadow Play #1
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Staying alive is a constant game of hide and seek for Grigory Antipov.  Groomed by the Russian Intelligence community he’s responsible for those he’s turned or compromised, as well as his own sanctioned missions.  At the moment Grigory is visiting Rome to check on a young man attached to the British Consul.


Later in the evening Grigory isn’t fast enough and he’s taken off the streets.  When he wakes the spy knows that he has been compromised, he heard pictures being taken.  His bosses will never believe his innocence.


It’s not long before Karim Awad, a British agent, makes his move and explains the terms for Grigory’s continued breathing.  This Brit, this Karim, is like no one the Russian has ever known before.  He’s not playing by any rules Grigory is aware of.  Thinking he’s regained the upper hand by subterfuge Grigory is left empty handed yet again.  Survival is becoming extremely problematic.


There’s no end to the cat and mouse games played by the professionals in Best Kept Lies, the first book in the Shadow Play series.  Pulse pounding action ramps up as each chapter unfolds.  Grigory and his counterpart play a fast and furious killing sport.  Intense drama, hotter than hot sex, and clever games makes Best Kept Lies a true guilty pleasure.

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