BETWIXT AND BETWEEN by Alexis DuranBetwixt and Between by Alexis Duran
Series: Edge of Night #1
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loose Id


From his earliest years Ian Evers remembers being fascinated with the unexplained and the supernatural.  Growing up his mother dragged Ian from one place to another, never settling in one locale until her death in a shipwreck of all things.   His father was unknown and after his mother died an honorary aunt, a self described witch raised him.


Working for The Cosmic Eye, a tabloid in Seattle, Ian’s always on the lookout for the weird or strange to write about.  One evening walking the streets Ian hears an irresistible melody.  Drawing closer he spots a handsome stranger playing a violin for cash.  Intuition warns Ian before he gets too close.  Something isn’t right; the stranger is not the innocent he projects so Ian flees for home.


It had been so close.  He had almost caught the young liosa or light elf.  Such power he’d felt coming from the liosa.  The Dark Queen Ysolde won’t be pleased if her svarta or dark elf Ezekiel Stormshadow is unable to snare his prize.  She would take her fury out on Stormshadow if he fails to retrieve all that lovely power within the sweet liosa.


Ezekiel set the spell to bind the light elf.  It’s simply a matter of tracking him down.  The sooner the better…


A stunning blend of eerie darkness and deep, abiding love comes alive in Betwixt and Between.  The first story in the Edge of Night series begins with a powerful tale of otherworldly creatures, a lost heritage and an evil queen.  The inexplicable love between Ian and Zeke comes across well, their heartache and willingness to sacrifice all is powerful.  An excellent start, Betwixt and Between tests the bonds of true love and doesn’t disappoint.

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