Beyond the Scars
by Ellen Cross

Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #5
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Lee doesn’t know how long he’s been imprisoned. At this point he’s lost track of time.  He’s been sealed in a room with a hatch at the floor that allows a sandwich and water once a day.  A glimpse of a hand is his only contact with the outside world. His last memory of being free was the day of the car accident that killed his mother and put Lee in a wheelchair permanently.


Deciding that it’s past time to give up Lee stopped eating several days ago.  The voice in his head is further proof that Lee’s lost it as far as he’s concerned.  Unfortunately this little voice is persistently insisting that Lee hold on, that he will be rescued soon.


Humoring the voice in his head Lee starts eating again even though he’s certain nothing will change.  When a break in the wall of his prison begins to appear and two gorgeous men step through Lee’s first thought is that his sanity finally snapped.  It’s not possible that twin fey guardians are there to rescue Lee.  Not possible at all.


A poignant, heartbreaking tale of acceptance and redemption Beyond the Scars warms the soul.  Lee’s situation is so emotionally disturbing and demands satisfaction for everything he’s gone through.  The fey twins, Arra and Cruz also carry heavy baggage from their past.  Beyond the Scars features a strong plotline with a nicely done twist that elevates Lee beautifully.  The Preternatural Rescue Centre series continues to excel with each successive story.  Heat, adventure, and camaraderie win the day again.

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